The validity period of the documents given to the institutions and organizations regarding the management systems is generally three years. After three years, the validity of the document ends and must be renewed. However, during this period at least once a year, interim audits are made to ensure continuity and continuity of the system.

During these intermediate inspections or during the renewal of the document at the end of the period, TÜRCERT auditors may identify some nonconformities. This may cause the document to be suspended or the document canceled.

Document suspension

If the following situations are identified during the audits, the document may be suspended, provided that it does not exceed six months:

  • The holder of the document has violated to the extent that it does not require the revocation of the document.
  • In respect of the product or service covered by the relevant management system, it has been determined that the applicable legal regulations have not been complied with except the relevant standard.
  • If the audits are found to be seriously inappropriate to the standard.
  • Identified minor or major non-conformities, if not resolved within the required deadlines.
  • If the production or services have been halted due to reasons such as strike, lockout, restructuring, raw material congestion, not taking orders, natural disasters or change of address due to reasons such as discontinuation of activity or similar situations.
  • If the institution or organization that issued the document is constantly trying to postpone surveillance audits.
  • If the certification rules specified by TÜRCERT are not followed.
  • If the document and logo are used incorrectly.
  • Document or audit fees are not paid by the holder or institution.
  • Finally, the suspension of the document for any reason other than those reasons was requested by the institution or organization.

The Certification Committee shall issue its decision to suspend the document. If TÜRCERT deems it necessary, it may extend the suspension period by a maximum of three months. Suspended documents are considered invalid.

On-site inspection is carried out when TÜRCERT is notified by the institution where the non-conformities are removed and the suspension is removed if the observations are positive. The scope, form and duration of the audit to be performed are determined based on the reason for suspending the document. If the reasons for the suspension continue, the cancellation of the document is made.

Canceling the document

The following can be decided to revoke the document if:

  • The organization does not grant TÜRCERT audit permission at the end of the suspension period.
  • The organization does not accept the reasons for suspension and does not eliminate these reasons.
  • The organization provides missing and incorrect information during audits.
  • The non-compliance of the organization within the given period and the reasons for the suspension are continued.
  • The organization uses the document in different areas from the specified product or service.
  • Misleading and unfair use of the document.
  • The organization has tampered with documents and annexes.
  • The organization does not address the document or change its legal personality.
  • The organization's bankruptcy or ending its activities under the document.
  • The organization does not allow annual surveillance audits.
  • To determine that the organization has completely lost its compliance with the relevant management system.
  • Document or audit fees have not been paid by the institution or organization.
  • Finally, if for any reason the cancellation of the document is requested by the institution or organization.

When the document is canceled, the organization must remove the logo from all correspondence and promotional materials within one month. Otherwise, TÜRCERT may apply for legal remedies and demand the removal of any pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.