Some of the translation offices or translation companies provide sworn translation services, while the services of some of them are not sworn in. Providing sworn translation services to customers translation officesfrom the people who work as an interpreter in their cadres, they ask for a certificate of oath taken from a Notary. Interpreters must have a diploma from a school providing at least 4 years of education to prove that the Notary is aware of the language in which they are translating so as to obtain such a certificate.

Certified translation offices have different responsibilities than non-sworn translation offices. Because the translation of some documents is legally binding and translation and detailed control procedures of such documents are important. These documents used in courts may result in wrong decisions.

However, whether or not sworn or not, all translation offices or firms EN 15038 Translation Services Management System Certificate are entitled to receive. This internationally valid document shows that the translation companies employ competent and experienced interpreters and that the translation studies are accurate and of good quality.

EN 15038 Translation Services Management SystemThe quality of written translation services and the quality of the service production process always interfere with customer expectations and the traceability of the service produced.

EN 15038 standards,

  • Human resources and technical resources,
  • Quality management and project management,
  • The contract framework and
  • Service process conditions


Translation offices that meet and operate these requirements may obtain an EN 15038 Translation Services Management System Certificate by applying to a certification body. According to the results of the audit work to be carried out by the certification body, if the EN 15038 standardsif it is convinced that it operates properly, it will arrange and deliver it.

EN 15038 Translation Services Management System Certificate is valid for one year. This document will be renewed according to the results of the interim audit conducted annually.

Do not waste time in contacting the experienced managers and employees of the TURCERT certification body to obtain more explanatory information about which organizations can obtain the EN 15038 Translation Services Management System Certificate.