The welded manufacturing enterprises mainly use one of the two welding methods: melting or solid state welding. In the melting welding method, two parts to be joined are sometimes melted by means of additional metal. For example, this is the arc welding. In the case of solid-state welding, heat or pressure is used to provide bonding. However, there is no melting in the main part and no additional metal is used in this method. For example, welding welding (or blacksmith welding) or diffusion welding is the case.

ISO 3834 Welded Manufacturing Qualification Management System The standard is a system standard prepared by the International Standards Organization in order to determine the appropriate quality conditions on the basis of the fusion welding method of the manufacturing companies in welded metals. This standard is related to the quality conditions of the products that can be affected by the processes related to the welding and welding that can be applied in the manufacturing sector.

Melting welding technology is used in the production of many materials in the manufacturing sector. A significant part of the production processes in the enterprises is composed of manufacturing works. Therefore, control processes should be prepared.

ISO 3834 standard it is a quality standard and as a result of the quality systems, the quality of the welding production must be ensured. Quality control of a product that is essential should be provided at the production stage, not after the process is completed. Otherwise, the operation may suffer serious losses.

ISO 3834 Welded Manufacturing Competency Management System standard is the guiding standard for welding operations in the companies that produce metal.

The standards introduced by the Turkish Satellites Institute are as follows:

  • TS EN ISO 3834-1 Quality requirements for the melting of metallic materials - Part 1: Criteria for selecting the appropriate level of quality requirements
  • TS EN ISO 3834-2 Quality requirements for melting of metallic materials - Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements
  • TS EN ISO 3834-3 Quality requirements for melting of metallic materials - Part 3: Standard quality requirements
  • TS EN ISO 3834-4 Quality requirements for the melting of metallic materials - Part 4: Basic quality requirements
  • TS EN ISO 3834-5 Quality requirements for the melting of metallic materials - Part 5: Documents required for the verification of ISO 3834-2, ISO 3834-3 or ISO 3834-4 standards

These standards cover the comprehensive quality requirements for the melting of metallic materials used in enterprises, both in the workshops and in the open areas of the construction sites.

In addition, there is a TS EN ISO 94 standard based on the 25 / 15085 / EC Directive issued by the European Union. This standard is intended for the welding of metallic materials used in the production and repair of railway vehicles and parts. The full name is as follows: TS EN 15085-2: Railway applications - The source of rail vehicles and components - Section 2: Quality requirements and certification.

For the exportation of railway vehicles, their parts and services related to these vehicles to the European Union countries, the companies must be certified to be internationally valid.

In short, TS EN ISO 3834 is a quality management system designed for the needs of welded production enterprises and aimed at securing product quality. The EN 15085-2 standard, which is the sector based certification system, requires the application of ISO 3834 quality standard.

Standard for Welded Manufacturing;

  • Material selection
  • Consumables selection
  • Training of welding coordination personnel
  • Certification of working welders
  • Determination of welding methods
  • Manufacturing of welded products
  • Destructive and / or non-destructive testing methods are used
  • The quality is concluded by checking.

The ISO 3834-2 standard is concerned only with the quality of the product that may be affected by processes related to welding and welding; The basic rules provide guidance on the determination of the welding quality of the manufacturer and the quality requirements for the welded manufacturing both on-site and on-site. The standard is used as a basis for evaluating the welding quality systems of the manufacturers.

In the ISO 3834 Welded Production Qualification Management System, the controls for the welded products to be produced by the enterprises start at the design stage of the production and selection of the materials, the selection of consumables, training of the welding coordination personnel, obtaining the welders of the welders, identifying the welding methods, making the welded production and This results in the control of product quality using non-destructive testing methods.

ISO 3834-2 standard is a welded manufacturing qualification management system standard prepared by ISO in order to determine the appropriate quality requirements based on the method of melting of metals in welded manufacturing companies.

As mentioned above, the quality of a product according to the welded manufacturing standard should be provided during production, not by the inspection of the finished product. For example, a bad design can create high-cost problems during the application phase in a workshop or field. Improper selection of base materials or consumables may result in a crack in welded joints. In order to ensure an efficient and sound production, potential problems and causes should be identified in advance and appropriate quality processes should be prepared. In order not to have any problems during the production and service activities, all controls must be provided, from the design stage of the products to the material selection to the post-production controls.

The ISO 3834 standard defines the measures that can be applied for different situations. These measures can be used as follows:

  • In conditions of contract or tender, as a specification of welding quality conditions
  • For the determination and maintenance of quality welding conditions by the manufacturer companies
  • Can be used by third party, customers or manufacturers to evaluate the quality of the welding performance

In terms of the scope of production defects affecting the performance of the products, such as the scope and importance of the products, the complexity of the products, the range of use of products, the scope of metallurgical problems that may arise, fugitives, distortions or weld defects. can request ISO 3834 Certificate with details.

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