An organization with security and social objectives will want to establish ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System in its business. The organization, which seriously embraces its objectives, will also want to show its partners and customers that it has established this system. He will know that with a better management approach, his productivity will increase, his costs will decrease and he will be recognized as one of the first organizations to implement these standards. The development of an organization ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System's presence is so effective.

Thanks to this system road and traffic safety Since the system will be managed in a systematic way, the operational risk of the organization will decrease. Organizations that take a structural approach to road and traffic safety will always be one step ahead.

Ancak ISO 39001 standardstheoretically, they are not standards for certification. As explained above, it is essentially based on road and traffic safety and tries to prevent traffic accidents. Although it is a socially dominant management system, it is seen that some organizations have recently applied to certification bodies to obtain ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System Certificate. As a result, few organizations around the world today have this certificate. In our country, there are organizations that have this certificate.

ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System Certificate In order to be eligible to apply, you must apply to a certification body together with an Application Form. Certification bodywill carry out a preliminary study on all documentation prepared during the installation of this system. If there are any inconsistencies and deficiencies in this study, they should be completed. After the preliminary study is completed, the auditors will be sent to the organization and this time an on-site investigation will be initiated. Based on the report prepared by the auditors after this study, the certification body shall prepare and submit the certificate if it deems appropriate.

The experienced managers and employees of the TURCERT certification organization are ready to provide all necessary support regarding ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System, how to install and how to obtain this document if desired.