Road and traffic safety in our country is unfortunately not an issue that can be achieved much improvement. There are several reasons for this. As a first reason, there are many branches of science that cross paths. Despite this, not much scientific studies are done. However, there is a need for professional people who are experts in road and traffic safety.

The second reason for improvement in this issue is that decisions about road and traffic safety, especially in big cities with traffic complexities, are made without a technical examination and healthy planning.

One reason is that the state does not have a solid plan on this issue. In different modes of transport, systemlessness is growing day by day. Besides traffic Safety There is no legal regulation in this regard.

Given these reasons road and traffic safety and the problem persists.

As such, published by the International Standards Organization in 2012 ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System standards, road and traffic safety.

In this case, organizations committed to improving road and traffic safety will benefit from ISO 39001 standards. As such, highways will become more secure for users.

ISO 39001 standardsdetermines the minimum requirements for road and traffic safety management. The death, injury or disability of many people in traffic accidents eventually led the authorities, road authorities, security elements and private companies to develop standards in this way.

With the establishment of the ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System, organizations will achieve social responsibility and corporate security goals, demonstrate to the society that they take these goals seriously, and increase their efficiency and reduce their expenses through better management.

To learn more about the content of ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System and even to install the Road and Traffic Safety Management System, you can contact the experienced managers and employees of TURCERT certification body.