In an organization ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System it is also necessary to benefit from some statistical data. For example, it is necessary to collect data such as the types of vehicles driving to the highways and their usage intensities, the type and amount of services the company provides for these vehicles, the number of deaths or serious injuries in accidents, and whether there is a safe planning and implementation for the vehicles.

The basic principles of ISO 39001 standards can be explained as follows:

  • Before setting off, safe speed limits will be determined according to the roads to be used.
  • Routes and intersection rules will be used.
  • Appropriate road routes will be determined depending on the type of vehicles and the load they carry.
  • According to the characteristics of the vehicles used, the hardware that drivers should use will be determined.
  • Safe driving speeds will be determined depending on the type of vehicles and traffic intensity and weather conditions.
  • Drivers will be asked not to use alcohol, drugs or pleasure substances and not be tired for driving safety.
  • A safe journey planning will be made, including factors such as the need for a journey, the choice of a suitable vehicle, driver and road for the traffic, and the frequency of the driver's journey.
  • Other passengers in the vehicle will be provided security against accidents.
  • In the event of an accident, drivers will be trained to act quickly and first aid.

In conclusion ISO 39001 standards, to prevent accidents, injury or disability, such as the reduction of physical damages, to reduce material damage and to reduce the consequences of the work to show how to do and to evaluate the results of these studies.

This not only reduces the operating costs of the organizations concerned, but also reduces the environmental impact of the events. Because ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Organizations with a Management System can more easily analyze the existing transport use and review transport policies more easily. Transport policies affect the financial, environmental and social costs of that organization.

For more information about the basic principles of the ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System and what benefits it will be for the company, you can contact the experienced managers and employees of the TURCERT certification body.