The E Certificate is also known as the ECE test mark. This document is a document that states that the vehicles and equipment of the European Union countries have the conditions that they should have. Manufacturer companies are responsible for providing these tools and equipment with the necessary conditions.

The authorized organizations first determine which standard the vehicles and equipment that have to be E-Certificate are covered and then test them in accredited laboratories by taking a certain number of samples of these tools and equipments. If the test results are in accordance with the values ​​specified by the relevant standard, an E mark is permitted by the competent authority.

Certificate E is a certificate of approval proving that the motor vehicles and trailers, parts, systems, parts and separate technical units are in compliance with the relevant European Union directives and the criteria adopted in accordance with the legal regulations in force in our country.

For example, it is understood that the car safety seat with the ECE R44-04 approval label is produced in accordance with the basic safety requirements of the ECE R44 European Union safety standard. That is, the E sign is proof that this seat is in compliance with the European Union safety standard. The last two digits in the label are the version number of the standard. The R44-01 or R44-02 approval labels are out of date and are not allowed to be sold or used since 2008.

The first two digits next to the E sign indicate the country in which the approval was issued. For example, Germany 1, 2 France, Italy 3, 4 Netherlands, Turkey and the 37 43, such as Japan. In other words, the E1 mark on the product indicates that this product is of German origin and has an E Certificate.

Another example is the ECE 22-05 approval label, helmet safety certificate. This label indicates that the product originates in France and has an E Certificate. It also states that this product has been produced in accordance with the fifth version of the standard.

TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc., in our country and European Union countries of the motor vehicles, parts, systems and separate technical units of the market, the European Union directives and in accordance with the criteria in force in our country and the European Union in compliance with the European Union safety standards and, where appropriate, allows the E mark to be placed on the products.