In general, certification bodies also provide training services. These organizations, which carry out the conformity assessment studies, are also very helpful in the applications they provide. The trainers working in these institutions have sufficient professional and technical education, knowledge and experience required by the trainings they will provide.

Organizations that need to receive training should investigate the competence of the organization to be trained before the financial dimension of the work. eventually education services Since it is given in order to earn money, it will be possible to turn to the cheapest bidders, but above all, the quality and efficiency of the education should be prioritized.

An organization providing training should then be expected to:

  • The fact that it has been serving for a long time in the market shows that it has earned reputation and image.
  • Having a strong list of references indicates that it is a highly preferred organization in the market.
  • The fact that it has a strong staff of trainers indicates that it is a preferred organization for personnel.
  • Past experience of educators is an indication of how specialized and experienced they are in their subjects.
  • The fact that they follow the organizations they provide after the service is an indication of how much work it owns.

These are training certification body An aspect. One should also look at what traits should be taken in terms of educators:

  • How long has it been providing training services?
  • How disciplined and systematic does it behave in its work?
  • Is he approaching his work with seriousness and can take responsibility?
  • Can you use time efficiently?
  • Is there a travel barrier in or outside the city?
  • Is it efficient enough to ask questions and listen?
  • Can you view the problems in the cause-effect relationship window?
  • Does he care about spelling rules?
  • Does it seem presentable enough?

Certification bodies do not only provide training for management systems. Related to these systems auditor trainings also gives. In the auditor trainings, the IRCA approved certificate of achievement for the ones who are successful in the exams held after the training plays an important role in the selection of the training institution. Based in the UK, IRCA has been established to approve and certify both auditors and auditor training organizations in management systems.

IRCA approved auditor trainings are organized in accordance with the Certification Criteria for IRCA / 2245 Quality Management Systems Auditor Training Course. These criteria are designed to improve the knowledge and skills of auditors of all levels who will serve for both the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and other management systems that may be integrated with this system.

TÜRCERT also provides training services in various management systems besides certification studies. In this regard, organizations that need training in management systems can apply to TÜRCERT without delay. At the end of these trainings, the Certificate of Achievement is given to the successful participants.