With industrialization, when the production facilities, land, air and water-threatening activities began to become an ever-greater danger, to prevent this negative downturn and to prevent the damage to the environment of the people began to be more pronounced environmental standards. On the one hand, countries are making various legal arrangements, while the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is based on environmental protection. ISO 14000 Environmental Management System published standards.

Moving with environmental consciousness TURCERT certification bodyprovides consultancy and training services as well as certification works in order to ensure both the establishment of this system and its sustainability. The training of the TURCERT certification body on the Environmental Management System is as follows:

  • TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training
  • Environmental Management System Documentation Training
  • Environmental Management System Internal Audit Training
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Training
  • Waste Management Training
  • Environmental Risks and Emergency Situations - Intervention Training
  • Environmental Specialist Training

Environmental Management System Basic TrainingISO 14001 standards in an organization, and are given in order to provide the basic information necessary for continuous implementation. This training program covers the basic concepts of Environmental Management System, principles of environmental policy, development of environmental program, definition of responsibilities, definition of environmental processes, interpretation of relevant standard items and integration of health, safety and quality management systems with Environmental Management System and similar issues.

Environmental Management System Documentation Trainingthe environmental policy and environmental objectives that should be prepared during the establishment of the system, the Environmental Handbook, the procedures stipulated by the standard, the emergency action plans, the environmental dimensions and impacts table, the implementation instructions necessary to ensure the planning, life and control of the processes, and the purpose of the preparation of similar documents. are provided. This training program covers the Environmental Management System document structure, Environmental Handbook, processes, emergency action plans, environmental dimensions and impacts table and implementation instructions, forms, charts, support documents and similar issues.

Environmental Management System Internal Audit TrainingIn order to educate the personnel who will conduct in-company inspections in the companies that establish this system. These audits are carried out to determine whether the companies establishing this system comply with the system standards during their operations and to report their results. The aim of the training is to educate the auditors who will collect and evaluate the necessary evidence impartially and without prejudice. This training program covers the interpretation of the environmental management system standard items through the supervisor's perspective, the introduction of standard items, the types of audits, the benefits of the audit, the planning, management, finalization and reporting of the audit, the responsibilities of the auditor and the like.

Environmental Risk Assessment TrainingFor the companies which are sensitive to environmental problems and have established the Environmental Management System in their operations, the determination of the environmental impacts and dimensions in determining the working priorities and the evaluation and classification of the environmental risks are given. This training program covers the basic definitions of environment, environmental impacts and dimensions of firms, evaluation and grading of environmental dimensions and similar issues.

Waste Management TrainingThe aim of this study is to determine how the waste produced during the production activities of the firms should be managed within the framework of the legal regulations, what new legal regulations bring and the responsibilities of the firms in this regard. This training program covers waste management in our country, collection, planning and monitoring of wastes, regulation of waste control, implementation of waste declaration system and legal responsibilities of all kinds of organizations and similar issues.

Environmental Risks and Emergency Situations - Intervention TrainingIn all kinds of emergencies, disasters, work accidents, chemical spills and leaks and are prepared to be prepared for the earthquake. This training program covers the development of emergency response plans for potential risks of firms, establishment of emergency processes, creation of crisis teams, establishment of emergency management teams, emergency drills and similar issues.

Environmental Specialist TrainingIn order to educate environmental experts or environmental officials, the activities are carried out in the facilities which cause environmental pollution and are therefore subject to inspection under the environmental law and the legal regulations issued on the basis of this law. They are persons who assess whether such activities of the facilities comply with legal regulations, and if they are implemented, if they are implemented effectively. These people perform their duties by organizing audit programs during the year. This training program, environmental law and related legal regulations, regulations on permits and licenses, environmental pollution and control, industrial waste management, noise pollution and control, air pollution and control, soil pollution and control, environmental risk management and covers similar topics.