The environment affects not only the political and economic aspects, but also the business processes of the companies in terms of social dimensions, environmental factors and risks. Because the protection of the environment in today's conditions is one of the most important issues.

Waste managementis a form of management that covers the reduction of waste at its source, its classification according to its characteristics, its collection, its intermediate storage, its temporary storage, its recovery, its transportation, its destruction and its control after the destruction processes and similar operations.

In order to make the waste management healthy, certain steps should be applied. First, a responsible person will be defined, waste will be defined, relevant workers will be trained, temporary waste storage areas will be established, pre-operations will be done in terms of weight and cost, and finally waste will be disposed of or sent to recovery. Meanwhile, it is necessary to keep regular records of all these steps.

In order to establish the TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in the establishments and to ensure the continuation of activities in accordance with the requirements of this system, TURCERT certification bodyIn addition to certification studies, it is active in both consultancy and training activities. The training provided by the TURCERT certification body on the Environmental Management System consists of the following programs:

  • TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training
  • Environmental Management System Documentation Training
  • Environmental Management System Internal Audit Training
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Training
  • Waste Management Training
  • Environmental Risks and Emergency Situations - Intervention Training
  • Environmental Specialist Training

From these programs Waste Management TrainingThe aim of this study is to determine how the waste produced during the production activities of the firms should be managed within the framework of the legal regulations, what new legal regulations bring and the responsibilities of the firms in this regard.

Those who will participate in this training must have received the TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training. The content of the Waste Management Training provided by the TURCERT certification body consists of the following topics:

  • waste management in Turkey
  • 2872 numbered Environmental Law and the use of hazardous waste list within the framework of waste legislation
  • Classification of hazardous waste
  • Management of hazardous waste from production to disposal
  • Hazardous waste disposal methods (recovery, incineration, co-incineration, landfill and similar methods)
  • Waste collection, planning and monitoring
  • Waste control regulations
  • Waste declaration system applications
  • Legal responsibilities of institutions and organizations
  • Case studies

Waste Management TrainingIt is usually completed in two days and it is imperative to continue these trainings. Upon completion of the training, the successful participants are certified.

The trainings are provided by the experienced and expert staff of the TURCERT certification body and there is a chance for the participants to have a large number of applications during their training. If desired, these trainings are provided in the company's own working environments.

The experienced managers and staff of the TURCERT certification body are always with you to learn more about Waste Management Training or to provide this training.