In particular, waste-generating companies need to be in an approach that includes all rings of the chain, from environmental to product management, from logistics to product and service consumption, from the management of environmental risks. This also applies to environmental policies followed by suppliers.

Environmental officials also have a lot of work. Environmental officials may be responsible for environmental pollution or environmental pollution who are capable of creating and evaluating whether the activities of the facilities subject to audit pursuant to the Environmental Law and the legislative regulations are in compliance with these legal regulations, whether the measures taken are adequate or have been effectively implemented.

In order to establish the TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in the establishments and to ensure the continuation of activities in accordance with the requirements of this system, TURCERT certification bodyIn addition to certification studies, it is active in both consultancy and training activities. The training provided by the TURCERT certification body on the Environmental Management System consists of the following programs:

  • TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training
  • Environmental Management System Documentation Training
  • Environmental Management System Internal Audit Training
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Training
  • Waste Management Training
  • Environmental Risks and Emergency Situations - Intervention Training
  • Environmental Specialist Training

From these programs Environmental Specialist TrainingIn order to educate environmental experts or environmental officials, the activities are carried out in the facilities which cause environmental pollution and are therefore subject to inspection under the environmental law and the legal regulations issued on the basis of this law. They are persons who assess whether such activities of the facilities comply with legal regulations, and if they are implemented, if they are implemented effectively. These people perform their duties by organizing audit programs during the year.

Those who will participate in this training must have received the TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training. The TURCERT certification body Environmental Specialist The content of the Training consists of the following topics:

  • Environmental legislation, laws, regulations and communiqués
  • Environmental Officer and Environmental Consultancy Companies
  • Permits and licenses to be taken under environmental law
  • Environmental pollution and control
  • Water and wastewater sampling
  • Properties of wastewater and principles of domestic and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Advanced treatment technologies in water and wastewater treatment
  • Industrial waste management
  • Air pollution and control
  • Noise pollution and control
  • Soil pollution and control
  • Environmental risk management
  • Case studies

Environmental Specialist Training is generally completed within two days and it is obligatory to continue these trainings. Upon completion of the training, the successful participants are certified.

The trainings are provided by the experienced and expert staff of the TURCERT certification body and there is a chance for the participants to have a large number of applications during their training. If desired, these trainings are provided in the company's own working environments.

For more information or training on Environmental Specialist Training, the experienced managers and employees of the TURCERT certification body are always there for you.