In companies, starting from the introduction of the products as raw materials, the last stage of production until the end of the production process to determine the impact of all the environmental impact of the environment and the necessary inspections and measures to keep under control, so as not to harm the environment or to minimize the damage caused by the minimum level of environmental management It creates the system.

These standards are therefore not a system standard. It doesn't matter what the organization produces, the important thing is how it produces. environmental management systemis based on the monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental performance and stipulates compliance with all legal regulations.

in Business ISO 14001 Environmental Management SystemEstablishment and management of these systems, the effectiveness of this system is required to perform continuous audits. This is two of you. The first way is to carry out these audits through internal auditors. The second way is the annual audits of the certification bodies.

In order to establish the TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in organizations and to ensure the sustainability of activities in accordance with the requirements of this system, TURCERT certification bodyon the one hand, provides certification and training services on the other hand. The training provided by the TURCERT certification body on the Environmental Management System consists of the following programs:

  • TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training
  • Environmental Management System Documentation Training
  • Environmental Management System Internal Audit Training
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Training
  • Waste Management Training
  • Environmental Risks and Emergency Situations - Intervention Training
  • Environmental Specialist Training

of them Environmental Management System Internal Audit TrainingIn order to educate the personnel who will conduct in-company inspections in the companies that establish this system. These audits are carried out to determine whether the companies that set up an Environmental Management System operate in accordance with the system standards during their operations and to report their results. The aim of the training is to train internal inspectors who will collect and evaluate the necessary evidence impartially and without prejudice.

Those who will participate in this training must have received the TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training. The content of the Environmental Management System Internal Audit training given by the TURCERT certification body consists of the following topics:

  • Interpretation of TS EN ISO 14001 standard items by the eyes of the investigator
  • Introduction of TS EN ISO 19011 standard
  • Examination types
  • The benefits of examination
  • Audit management
  • Planning the audit
  • Preparation of questionnaires
  • Finalizing the report and writing a report
  • Auditor responsibilities
  • Case studies

Environmental Management System Internal Audit Training is a three-day program and it is obligatory to continue these trainings. When the training is completed, the successful participants are certified.

The trainings are provided by the experienced and specialist trainers of the TURCERT certification body and the participants are involved in many applications during the training. If desired, these trainings are provided in the company's own working environments.

For more information on Environmental Management System Internal Audit Training or to provide this training, please contact the experienced staff of the TURCERT certification body.