Environmental Management System standards are the standards for determining the results of the activities of the companies, the production and evaluation of the produced goods and services, the control of the impacts on the impact of serious consequences, the activities of the firms to prevent pollution and the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the firms. It has common principles with Quality Management System. For this reason, the companies that have dried and managed the Quality Management System can integrate the Environmental Management System more easily and easily.

Due to the development of environmental consciousness, today, the quality of the products produced by the companies is not enough. At the same time, companies are expected to be sensitive to the environment during the production of goods or services. It is also important that the companies have taken measures for occupational health and safety and have fulfilled their social responsibilities. Companies that have an Environmental Management System are always prepared for risks related to pollution and emergency situations. It is also always prepared for intermittent inspections of legal authorities.

Companies in TS EN ISO 14001 In order to establish the Environmental Management System standards and ensure that these standards are sustainable, TURCERT certification bodyIn addition to certification studies, it is active in both consultancy and training activities. The training provided by the TURCERT certification body on the Environmental Management System consists of the following programs:

  • TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training
  • Environmental Management System Documentation Training
  • Environmental Management System Internal Audit Training
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Training
  • Waste Management Training
  • Environmental Risks and Emergency Situations - Intervention Training
  • Environmental Specialist Training

of them TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic TrainingIn order to provide the basic information necessary for the establishment and continuous implementation of the Environmental Management System standards in an organization.

TS EN ISO 14001 from TURCERT certification body environmental management system The content of Basic Education consists of the following topics:

  • Basic concepts of Environmental Management System
  • Development of Environmental Management System standards and its history
  • environmental policy
  • Environmental methods for determining important environmental impacts
  • Development of environmental program and definition of responsibilities
  • Definition of environmental procedures
  • Interpretation of TS EN ISO 14001 standard clauses
  • Integrating health, safety and quality management systems with the Environmental Management System
  • Hazardous substances control and environmental legislation
  • Case studies

TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training usually takes 2 days and it is compulsory to attend these trainings. When the training is completed, the successful participants are certified.

The trainings are given by the experienced and expert instructors of the TURCERT certification body and there is a chance for the participants to have a large number of applications during their training.

On request, these trainings are provided in the company's own working environments.

For more information about TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Basic Training or to provide this training, please contact the experienced staff of TURCERT certification body.