The ISO 50001 Energy Management System gives organizations the opportunity to set up the processes and systems necessary to improve their energy performance, including the efficient use and consumption of energy. Together with a systematic energy management, it guides the improvement of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts and the reduction of energy costs.

Organizations that establish and manage the ISO 5001 standard in their business gain various benefits. For example, companies demonstrate their commitment to the efficient use of energy. Energy use systematically developed their performance. In this way, the energy expenditures of the companies have decreased. Demonstrating a structural approach to identify, measure and manage energy consumption will also reduce costs. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions facilitates compliance with legal obligations. As the deficits in energy risks are easier to see through the system, firms see the areas they are at risk more quickly.

Implementing the ISO 5001 standard also contributes to improved business performance and increased productivity. It places energy efficient thinking in firms and helps to formalize energy goals and policies. It is simple to integrate with other management systems that are being implemented in the company.

TURCERT certification bodyThe Company also gives importance to the issue of Energy Management System and also provides consultancy and training services as well as certification studies. The TURCERT certification body's Energy Management System training courses can be summarized as follows:

  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Basic Training
  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Internal Inspection Training
  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Documentation Training

From these trainings, TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Documentation TrainingIn order to ensure the planning, implementation and supervision of the processes required by the system, the preparation of the documents required by the company is provided.

The main topics of the TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Documentation Training given by the TURCERT certification body are:

  • Structure of the Energy Management System standard
  • procedures
  • Application instructions, forms, charts and similar supporting documents
  • Document control
  • Case studies

It is mandatory to continue these trainings in order to achieve the expected benefit from the TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Documentation Training, which is a two-day training. In addition, the participants of this training must have received the TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Basic Training. At the end of the training, the certificate of achievement is given to the successful participants and the participant certificate is given to the others.

The instructors of the TURCERT certification body are also experienced and specialized in this area and many examples are shown during these trainings. This is also possible if the company requires training to be provided in their work environment.

TS EN 50001 Energy Management System If you want to get more information about Documentation Training or if you want to give this training, experienced employees of TURCERT certification body will be with you.