The ISO 50001 Energy Management System has standards that are appropriate for all organizations operating in the public or private, manufacturing or service sectors, regardless of their geographic location and size. However, there is a direct concern for organizations with legal obligations for greenhouse gas emissions and high energy-related activities.

If all the industry trade sector organizations in the world comply with the standards of this system, it is estimated that 60 will be covered by the energy used in the world.

It is not possible for organizations to control state energy policies, energy prices or the global economy. However, it is always possible for them to control the energy consumption by developing new methods. If organizations use energy resources effectively and increase energy efficiency, energy costs and consumption will decrease, which will make a significant profit. To do this, organizations need to set energy targets in terms of reducing energy consumption or reducing electricity consumption.

TURCERT certification bodyThe Company also gives importance to the issue of Energy Management System and also provides consultancy and training services as well as certification studies. The TURCERT certification body's Energy Management System training courses can be summarized as follows:

  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Basic Training
  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Internal Inspection Training
  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Documentation Training

From these trainings, TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Internal Inspection Trainingis provided for the training of internal inspectors to supervise the proper management of the system. The ISO 50001 standard requires the company to perform internal audits to determine whether the company complies with the requirements of the standard or not, and to determine whether the standard clauses are effectively applied and whether the system is maintained.

The main topics of the TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Internal Inspection Training given by the TURCERT certification body are:

  • Interpretation of TS EN ISO 50001 standard items through the eyes of the investigator
  • Definition of TS EN ISO 50001 standard
  • Examination types
  • The benefits of examination
  • Audit management
  • Planning the audit
  • Preparation of questionnaires
  • Finalizing the report and writing a report
  • Auditor responsibilities
  • Case studies

It is obligatory to continue these trainings in order to obtain the expected benefit from TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Internal Audit Training which is a two-day training. In addition, the participants of this training must have received the TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Basic Training. At the end of the training, the certificate of achievement is given to the successful participants and the participant certificate is given to the others.

The instructors of the TURCERT certification body are also experienced and specialized in this area and many examples are shown during these trainings. This is also possible if the company requires training to be provided in their work environment.

TS EN 50001 Energy Management System If you want to get more information about Internal Audit Training or if you want to give this training, experienced employees of TURCERT certification body will be with you immediately.