In our country, a lot of work has been done in the field of environment and energy, and many legal regulations have been published in the scope of harmonization studies in the European Union. According to the Regulation on Increasing the Efficiency of Energy Resources and Energy in 2011, organizations that do not have TS EN ISO 2014 Energy Management System Certificate since 50001 cannot apply for Efficiency Enhancing Projects.

In addition, by taking advantage of the various credit facilities provided by the state or the European Union, energy efficiency efforts are pioneered.

The ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard requires companies to identify and identify boilers, burners, compressors and other important points and other points with potential for improvement based on past and current energy consumption.

This system also helps companies continuously improve their energy performance in their offices and production facilities, make their use more efficient and reduce operating costs. On the other hand, it has been designed to support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, indirectly.

The ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard is particularly suited to the following organizations to ensure greater energy efficiency:

  • Industrial and manufacturing companies
  • Power manufacturers
  • Chain stores
  • Hospitals, banks, schools, universities

TURCERT certification bodyThe Company also gives importance to the issue of Energy Management System and also provides consultancy and training services as well as certification studies. The TURCERT certification body's Energy Management System training courses can be summarized as follows:

  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Basic Training
  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Internal Inspection Training
  • TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Documentation Training

From these trainings, TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Basic TrainingIn order to support the system studies and application of the system by interpreting the standard items.

The main topics of TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Basic Training given by the TURCERT certification body are:

  • TSE certification procedure
  • Basic concepts of energy efficiency
  • Benefits of the Energy Management System and certification
  • Introduction of TS EN ISO 50001 series standards
  • Interpretation of TS EN ISO 50001 standard substances
  • Case studies

It is compulsory to continue these trainings in order to achieve the expected benefit of TS EN 50001 Energy Management System Basic Training which is a two-day training. At the end of the training, the certificate of achievement is given to the successful participants and the participant certificate is given to the others.

The instructors of the TURCERT certification body are also experienced and specialized in this area and many examples are shown during these trainings. This is also possible if the company requires training to be provided in their work environment.

TS EN 50001 If you want to get more information about Basic Management in Energy Management System or if you want to give this training, experienced employees of TURCERT certification body will be with you immediately.