Quality Management System, through the improvement of processes, in the distribution of powers and responsibilities within the company, in providing effective management, in solving problems faster, in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, in product design in accordance with customer expectations, to increase the efficiency of the company, to achieve competitive advantage, the benefits provided to the firm in strengthening the image of the market and many other points cannot be underestimated.

Every company who wants to be consistent with the customer in the production of goods or services, wants to be consistent in this subject, speak the same language with the customers, and wants to grow in front of their competitors in the market and want to grow internationally needs to establish the Quality Management System and keep the system alive.

ISO 9000 Quality System standardsThere are three basic standards. These are:

  • TS EN ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems - Basic Principles, Terms and Definitions
  • TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems - Terms
  • TS EN ISO 9004 Quality Management Systems - Guide for Performance Improvements

In order to establish these basic quality standards in companies and to ensure that these standards are continuously applicable, TURCERT certification bodyprovides consultancy and training services to companies. The training provided by the TURCERT certification body on the Quality Management System is as follows:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Basic Training
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Internal Auditor Training
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Documentation Training
  • ISO Management, Interaction and Improvement Techniques Training

From these trainings ISO 9001 Quality Management System Documentation TrainingQuality Policy, Quality Objectives, Quality Manual, quality standards, procedures to be prepared during the establishment of the system in the company, application instructions that will ensure the effective planning, implementation and supervision of the processes and preparation methods of similar documents are given.

The TURCERT certification body ISO 9001 The Quality Management System Documentation Training includes the following topics:

  • Document structure of Quality Management Systems
  • Preparation for quality management system and documentation
  • Process approach and where to start
  • Documentation for levels and methods of preparation according to their level
  • Quality Handbook and procedure writing rules
  • Methods of preparation of processes, application instructions, charts, forms and similar supporting documents
  • Case studies

Participants who will participate in this training must have taken the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Basic Training before.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System Documentation Training usually lasts two days and is compulsory to continue these trainings. When the training is completed, the successful participants are given a certificate.

The trainings are given by the TURCERT Certification Body as ISO 9001 Lead Auditors and the participants have the opportunity to make many examples during the training. On request, these trainings are also provided in the firms' own offices.

For more information about the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Documentation Training or to provide this training, please contact the experienced staff of the TURCERT certification body.