Today, developments in the field of technology and communication have created an unrelenting competition between organizations in the same lane, and these organizations are in an economic competition with new developments every day. Therefore, in every sector, the production of products and services in line with customer needs and expectations are provided in increasingly difficult conditions.

In an enterprise ISO 9001 Quality Management System If it is implementing the standards, first of all it means that the quality understanding is settled in the organization. In this way, the profitability, efficiency, competitiveness and market share of the company will increase, whereas the costs will be decreased. Customer complaints will decrease, product returns will be reduced and customer satisfaction will increase.

At this point, the first thing that the organizations that want to implement the Quality Management System standards should be to provide the necessary training to the senior management staff and all the employees.

ISO 9000 Quality System standards basically consists of the following three standards:

  • TS EN ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems - Basic Principles, Terms and Definitions
  • TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems - Terms
  • TS EN ISO 9004 Quality Management Systems - Guide for Performance Improvements

In order to establish ISO 9000 Quality System standards in companies, on the other hand, TURCERT certification body operates with both consultancy and training activities in order to ensure that these standards are sustainable. The training program on the Quality Management System of the TURCERT certification body includes:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Basic Training
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Internal Auditor Training
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Documentation Training
  • ISO Management, Interaction and Improvement Techniques Training

Keeping current customers as important as winning new customers in today's competitive conditions is also very important. In order to maintain customer loyalty, the products or services offered by the companies should be of high quality. But at the same time quality products and services need to be reliable and sustainable. Implementing, maintaining and improving the Quality Management System should be a continuous process.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System In general, basic education is given to give basic concepts of this standard and to contribute to system organization and application studies in the company. The content of this training given by the TURCERT certification body consists of the following topics:

  • Turkish Standards Institute certification procedure
  • Basic concepts about quality
  • Quality requirements
  • Benefits of Quality Management Systems and certification studies
  • Organizational structure in Quality Management Systems
  • Definition of TS EN ISO 9001 series standards
  • Interpretation of TS EN ISO 9001 standard substances
  • Case studies

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Basic Training usually takes 2 days and it is obligatory to attend these trainings. When the training is completed, the successful participants are certified.

The trainings are given by the TURCERT certification body as ISO 9001 Lead Auditors and there are many opportunities for the participants to do a lot of practice during their training.

For more information on ISO 9001 Quality Management System Basic Training or to provide this training, please contact the experienced staff of the TURCERT certification body.