The seventh title in the Quality Management System standard clauses is determined as service realization. The fifth article of this title is the provision of production and service and five different topics are covered under this title:

  • Control of production and service provision
  • Validity of processes for production service provision
  • Identification and traceability
  • Customer ownership
  • Service protection

The aim is to ensure the traceability of these products or services retrospectively with the aim of identification and monitoring of the goods and services produced. Customer lists are kept for this purpose. This list serves as a key to retrospectively monitoring the service provided to customers.

ISO 9001 Quality Management SystemAll the products purchased from the supplier companies in a company that applies the product as soon as they are received by the warehouse authorities, placed in the warehouse and the entrance is held for quality control. If necessary, sample samples are taken and sent to contracted laboratories. After the results are checked, they are delivered to the relevant department for production. Purchased products are identified by the inventory codes determined by the planning and recorded in the inventory list.

The Company shall identify all goods and services produced by the Company through appropriate processes in accordance with the relevant processes. For identification and traceability, the product condition should be determined according to the monitoring and measuring conditions.

The concept of traceability is when a product or service is generally traceable backwards. In order to make this monitoring, the company needs to determine and implement a method.

In general, companies use the logo of the supplier on the product to ensure traceability of the products. Therefore, to ensure traceability retrospectively, the logo of the supplier is requested. By using the manufacturer's logo, shipment date or waybill number, supplier information can be accessed retrospectively.

All records kept during the identification and monitoring of products must be maintained.

There are other points of doubt about identification and traceability within the scope of production and service provision. our company TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification The company has a strong staff and technical infrastructure to support this issue as in all quality systems.