Within the standard structure of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, the seventh title is determined as service realization. The third article of this chapter is titled geliştirme Design and Development ve and covers the following topics:

  • Planning of design and development
  • Design and development inputs
  • Design and development outputs
  • Design and development review
  • Verification of design and development
  • Validation of design and development
  • Control of design and review changes

Revision of the project phases or verification at various stages are important steps for the success of a design and development project. Another important step is the validation of design and development. In this step, it is confirmed whether the final product to be offered to customers is capable of meeting the conditions of use. That is, as soon as the products designed and developed within the scope of the project are purchased by the customers, the designs become valid.

ISO 9001 When the validation phase of the design is completed, the validation work is carried out in order to ensure the conformity of the designed product with the customer needs and expectations. This validity check is carried out in finished and ready-to-serve products, ie finished products.

In this step, the design outputs are validated if the design outputs meet the design inputs. If it does not, the design work is closed. Sometimes life tests can be performed to approve the project. Sometimes it may be necessary to ask for customer opinion on designs that directly affect the customer. As soon as all these studies are completed, the results are recorded in the project design and development form and the documentation is completed. Then the trial production begins.

In projects that directly affect the customer, trial production is started with the approval of the customer and in the desired time and quantity. For projects that do not directly affect the customer, they are initiated within the time and amount to be decided by the company.

Product or semi-finished product can be sent to the customer during the production stages of the project subject design, at the points that can be decided. In this way, the customer's opinions can be evaluated and contributed to the development of the design.

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