The heating boilers used in the heating systems of the buildings may be solid fuel or they may be working with natural gas.

Solid Fuel Heating Systems, wood, coal, pirina and all kinds of solid fuel systems that can work with. Since these heaters are not used in summer months, they have automatic functions to protect the system. The solid fuel heaters are equipped with speed regulated fans to keep the ambient temperature constant and provide controlled combustion. They are designed to provide the highest efficiency from the solid fuel used. Thanks to the safe working system, the heating system is protected against heating. As the commissioning and discharging of the boiler is entirely due to electronic circuits, possible faults are also minimized.

Boilers working with natural gasAs for the. Natural gas is a flammable and dangerous substance. Therefore, first of all, natural gas installation must be done by authorized persons. Installation without drawing natural gas projects can be dangerous. For the safe and efficient operation of the boilers to work with natural gas, the warnings and instructions of the manufacturer should be followed. If the system is not installed or maintained properly, the system generates carbon monoxide, a toxic gas. Since natural gas does not cause excessive contamination in boiler pipes, it is sufficient to have normal maintenance periodically.

Nevertheless, both the Occupational Health and Safety Law and the Regulation on the Health and Safety Conditions of Work Equipment required periodic inspections of boilers operating with solid fuel or natural gas in order to protect human and property safety. In the annex of the Regulation (Annex 3 Maintenance, Repair and Periodic Inspections), the article entitled Pressure Vessels and Installations stipulates that periodic checks shall be carried out at least once a year if no other period is specified in the relevant standards for such boilers.

As in the periodic controls of all pressure vessels and installations, periodical controls of heating boilers are subject to the following legal regulations:

  • Regulation on Pressure Equipment
  • Implementing Regulation on Portable Pressure Equipment
  • Implementing Regulation on Simple Pressure Vessels

The control and inspection procedures of boilers operating with solid fuel and natural gas are subject to olmayan TS EN 12952-6 Water pipe boilers and auxiliary installations - Part 6: Inspection during production - Documentation and marking of parts subject to pressure kayd standard criteria.

In addition, controls must be performed by authorized testing and inspection organizations or laboratories. Otherwise, the reports to be edited will have no value. These reports are also valid for audits to be carried out by the auditors of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

TÜRCERT certification body, as well as conformity assessment and certification studies, testing and inspection services also provides. If there is a need to get more information about the periodical inspections of boilers operating with solid fuel and natural gas or to have these inspections and controls done, TÜRCERT certification institution is ready to meet the needs of the enterprises with its experienced managers and employees.