Electrical panels are the most important element in providing the safety and control of electricity in a facility. Electricity makes life easier, but controlled and safe use is important. All the vehicles and equipment that need electricity in businesses and the equipment that ensures the safe operation of the electrical installation electric panel It is called. Electrical panel, electricity meters, power meters, capacitors, power contactors, measuring instruments, power relays, control relay, breaker switches and electrical fuse, such as a combination of elements such as a cabinet.

Electrical inspection and electrical panel inspection services cover various testing and control activities of a system extending from the point where electricity enters the building to the points where it is distributed. With these inspection procedures, it is aimed to minimize possible explosions, fire and similar risks and to identify the points that will increase energy efficiency and increase energy efficiency.

There are various examination methods. For example, in the thermographic examination method, electrical panels and installations, thermal measurements are made with the help of thermal cameras. In energy quality measurement method, energy quality and harmonic components are measured in electrical panels.

In general, electrical panels, during the inspection, the location of the panels, physical condition, insulation properties, short-circuit durability, protective circuit efficiency, mechanical functionality, such as the temperature increase is controlled. A report is issued for the results of the electrical panel inspection carried out by authorized experts at the inspection and test facilities. In some insurance transactions to be made by businesses, this is done by insurance companies inspection reports It is being sought.

Routine controls such as cable inspection, insulation testing, protection measures are already controls that are required to be performed at regular intervals for safety reasons. However, it contains the control points listed above. fitness testingis a must to ensure the long-term safety of the plant.

According to the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security issued by the Law on Occupational Health and Safety, it is necessary to have the electrical panels inspected at least once a year if no other period is stipulated in other relevant regulations and standards.

The Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment describes what the control periods are based on the types of machines and installations used in the workplaces, and which criteria and standards will be used during the periodical checks. The controls according to this regulation shall be made on the basis of the criteria in the Regulation on Grounding in Electrical Installations, Regulation on Electrical High Current Plants and Electrical Internal Facilities. The following is the standard to consider:

·        Electrical equipment - Used in explosive atmospheres - Part 60079: Design, selection and installation of electrical installations

The TÜRCERT certification body provides certification and training services on the one hand and on the other hand provides specific technical services to the demanding companies. These services include electrical panel inspections and other inspection services. You can contact the TÜRCERT certification body for any kind of inspection and test work.