The Machinery Safety Regulation issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade regulates the basic safety conditions required during the design and production of the machines which do not harm the human health and safety and the goods, if they are properly installed, regularly maintained and used for the intended purpose. The Regulation also regulates the conformity assessment processes to be followed and the minimum criteria to be taken into account in the selection of notified bodies to conduct conformity assessment.

In this regulation, the definition of the machine is given. According to this, machine replaceable parts, safety components, lifting accessories, chains, ropes and belts, detachable mechanical transmissions and partially completed machines are referred to as machines. From this definition, the machines are referred to as follows:

  • Except for partially completed machines
  • Equipped with a propulsion system other than man and animal power
  • A collection of parts assembled with a specific application
  • At least one of these parts is moving
  • No options for connecting to a source of energy or motion
  • Only capable of working when mounted on a transport vehicle or when installed in a building
  • Organized and controlled to operate as a whole

A partially completed machine is a collection of parts connected to another machine or a partially completed machine according to the regulation but which cannot perform a specific application on its own.

Depending on the development of technology machinery and its components began to multiply and diversify. This has led to an increase in occupational accidents in working environments, although trainings have been provided.

Therefore, increasing the security measures to be taken has become a necessity. In accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, a large number of enterprises are regular checks of the machineIt has been mandatory to do. These checks should be done by mechanical engineers who are experts in their fields.

In the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the control periods according to the types of machines, the criteria to be taken into consideration during the periodic checks and related standards are explained.

Inspection and test facilities, Machinery Safety Regulation provides the services of the machines in the low risk group to check whether they comply with the regulations. These inspections are done by the expert engineers and the report is prepared as a result of the examination. Producers should have technical documents and product samples to be inspected before the inspection and ready to be inspected.

In the control of the machines, the following standards are taken as a basis in addition to the criteria of the Machinery Safety Regulation:

  • Safety of machinery - Risk assessment and risk reduction
  • TS EN 60204-1 Safety in machines - Electrical equipment of machines

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