Platforms are also vehicles that are in the group of lifting and transporting vehicles and work under heavy load. For this reason, it should always be kept under control for safety reasons.

In accordance with the requirements of the work done for temporary work at a high level, a suitable platform it can be ensured that the work is carried out in safety and in appropriate ergonomic conditions. To this end, the most suitable platform to ensure safe working conditions is established. The sizes of the platforms must be suitable to the characteristics of the work to be carried and the load to be carried and to allow the transitions to be made without any danger.

Different in practice platform types There. Examples include hanging access equipment, a columned work platform, a mobile work platform that can lift up, a hydraulic scissor platform or a mechanical telescopic platform. Regardless of the type, it is important to maintain the maintenance of the platforms in terms of the responsibilities of the employer on the one hand and the responsibilities of the employer in possible accidents.

Occupational Health and Safety Law In addition, it requires the examination of the platform. In the event of an unwanted accident, the first thing to consider is whether the platform is regularly checked. Workplaces that use these platforms without having their regular inspections will be primarily responsible for the results. A defect that has been detected and removed during the inspections will prevent further dangers that may arise in the future.

Before the inspection of the testing and testing facilities, before the platform inspection, the preliminary inspection of the platform is carried out. Previously, if a fault is detected, it is desirable to make sure that this failure is maintained or removed. Then the general checks of the platform are made. After that, electrical controls and mechanical controls are made. After that, the function tests are performed without load first. Then, dynamic and static load lifting tests are performed.

In the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the criteria to be taken into consideration during the control periods, periodic controls and related standards are explained according to the types of machines. Accordingly, platforms should be inspected at least once a year if no other period of time has been stipulated in the relevant standards. The main standards considered during the controls are:

  • Upgradeable mobile work platforms - Design calculations - Balancing criteria - Construction - Safety - Inspection and testing
  • TS EN 1495 + A2 Lifting platforms - Pillar work platforms
  • Steel wire ropes - Safety - Section 12385: Operation and maintenance information
  • TS EN 13157 + A1 Cranes - Safety - Hand-driven lifting equipment
  • TS EN 818-6 + A1 Short link chain - For lifting purposes - Safety - Section 6: Chain slings - Technical specification for use and maintenance information to be supplied by the manufacturer

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