Factors that change the chemical composition of the environment which is suitable for the healthy life of the environment, can be transmitted to the air in the working environments, the tools and equipment used, the food or the skin of the human body that contacts chemical exposure It is called. In practice, the calculation of workers' exposure to chemicals is based on the measurement of the chemicals in the working environment. This is called industrial hygiene.

Chemical exposure is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on Health and Safety Measures in Works with Chemical Substances issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in 2013. This regulation has been enacted in order to protect the health of the employees and provide a safe working environment from the risks that may arise or arise due to the effects of the chemicals used in the working environments, or used in some way.

The employer has to take all necessary measures to prevent employees from exposure to chemicals, to minimize these risks and to protect them against the risks of these substances.

Employer in working environments hazardous chemical substance in accordance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment Regulation in order to determine if there are any hazardous chemicals, risk assessment has to do.

This risk assessment study particularly focuses on:

  • Risks and harms of chemical substances in terms of health and safety.
  • Turkish material safety data sheet to be obtained from manufacturers, importers or dealers.
  • Type, level and duration of chemical exposure.
  • Amount of chemical substance, method of use and frequency of use.
  • Occupational exposure limit values ​​and biological limit values ​​included in the Annex.
  • Effect of all measures taken or to be taken.
  • Previous health surveillance results.
  • Interactions of these substances with each other in working environments dealing with multiple chemicals.

In other words, in order to determine the presence of various substances that pose a danger and risk to the health and safety of the employees in the working environment, work environment supervision It is called.

The measurement of exposure values ​​of dust, smoke and people formed by chemical substances used in raw materials in the working environment by using certain technical tools and determining the daily and weekly exposure values ​​and STEL values ​​are also called chemical measurements.

In environment measurements, very toxic substances, toxic substances, harmful substances, corrosive substances, irritants, allergic substances, carcinogens and similar definitions are used.

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