The jacks are used to raise heavy loads to a certain height or to apply a pressure to a stationary body. The jacks started to be used in hydraulic power pumps. Today there are many types of jacks with very different lifting capacities. Both mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks have a very efficient and fast use for lifting very heavy loads.

Regardless of the type and strength, it is necessary to be careful in the use of jacks and to take the necessary safety measures and to follow the principles in the instructions for use.

Jack, hydraulic jack, bottle jack, transmission jack, trolley floor jack and crocodile jack There are such varieties. Alligator jacks are in the group of jacks. Easy-to-operate rotating rear bearings and automatic overload protection. Thanks to the side plates, it also provides a height-resistant and balanced operation. It is suitable for all standard vehicles of low height. Generally, there is great ease of use for vehicle repair shops and vehicle services.

Hydraulic, albeit mechanically, alligator jacksare the tools that may threaten human health and property safety during its use. The crocodile jacks, which work especially with the hydraulic system and remove the heavier loads, work with the pressure principle and therefore need regular maintenance for the safety of the employees and the workplace.

This obligation comes from the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Law and the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment. All kinds of health and safety measures should be taken and the minimum conditions to be obeyed are included in these legal regulations.

In the tables in the annexes to the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment (Annex 3 Maintenance, Repair and Periodic Controls), jacks, Lifting and forwarding tools group. Therefore, for crocodile jacks, if at least once a year periodic check-up and their mines are required.

There are a large number of institutions and laboratories that perform testing and inspection of lifting and transmission vehicles. However, organizations that are accredited for this work should be preferred, ie national or international accreditation bodies. In addition, persons who will carry out test and inspection procedures must be mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians. If these points are not considered, neither the inspection nor the inspections to be made nor the reports to be prepared are considered valid. Otherwise, these reports, which are sought in official inspections by the Ministry of Labor, are of no value.

In the tables attached to the regulation, the standards that should be considered during these controls are shown as follows:

  • TS 10116
  • TS EN 280
  • TS EN 818-6 + A1
  • TS EN 1495 + A2
  • TS EN 1709
  • TS EN 12079-3
  • TS EN 12927-7
  • TS EN 13157 + A1
  • TS EN ISO 13534
  • TS ISO 789-2
  • TS ISO 3056
  • TS ISO 4309
  • TS ISO 7592
  • TS ISO 9927-1
  • TS ISO 11662-1
  • TS ISO 12480-1
  • TS ISO 12482-1

TÜRCERT certification body, as well as conformity assessment and certification studies, testing and inspection services also gives. TÜRCERT certification body is ready to meet the needs of the enterprises with its experienced managers and employees if it is necessary to obtain more information about the periodic inspection of alligator jacks or to carry out these examinations and inspections.