TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc., in order to serve its customers in a wider area, continues to work with various accreditation institutions of different countries within and outside the country.

In today's case TÜRCERT of the three accreditation bodies accredited :

  • UAF - American Accreditation and TÜRCERT accreditation has completed its work.

The United Accreditation Foundation (UAF) provides accreditation to certification bodies for various management system programs in accordance with ISO / IEC 17021. In accordance with ISO / IEC 17020, organizations are assessed in accordance with their criteria and in accordance with UAF and international standards and guidelines. UAF provides accreditation plans for Testing and Calibration Laboratories in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025, Medical imaging centers in accordance with ISO 15189, and certification bodies in accordance with ISO / IEC 17065.

  • EAF (ENTERPRISE ACCREDITATION FOUNDATION, Wyoming American Accreditation Agency)

EAF was established in the USA in 2015 and is international accreditation provides service. It operates on the principle of voluntary work. It cooperates with non-governmental organizations. It provides accreditation services to certification bodies that will comply with international standards with a neutral and independent understanding.

International Standardization Organization
UAF - United Accreditation Foundation

EAF mainly provides accreditation to certification bodies that will provide product certification, personnel certification, inspection and laboratory certification services for ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and similar management systems.

  • IHI ALLIANCE (International Halal Integrity Alliance)

IHI ALLIANCE is an international non-governmental organization established to protect the integrity of the halal market in global trade. The issue of halal food has become increasingly popular. However, while the halal food industry is growing so much, there are not enough institutions providing accreditation to certification bodies yet. On the other hand, contradictions continue on the concepts of halal and haram, and different interpretations are expressed. The main reason for this is that there is no reliable reference center for information. Today, IHI ALLIANCE was established in 2007.

International Accreditation Forum
IAF Full Member

On the one hand, TÜRCERT continues to exchange ideas with these institutions, while negotiating with other accreditation institutions. One of them is TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency).

TURKAK was established in 1999 to accredit conformity assessment bodies. TURKAK ensures that these organizations operate according to national and international standards. It also works to ensure that the documents issued by the conformity assessment bodies are accepted at home and abroad.

TÜRCERT, certification studies Besides, it conducts inspection and test studies and also organizes trainings on management systems. TÜRCERT, which gives utmost importance to confidentiality and shows sensitivity to be impartial and independent in these works, tries to take into consideration the needs of its customers in the services it offers.

For this purpose, it considers itself limited and tries to expand its accreditation range. While doing this, it acts within the conditions of competition and tries not to create unfair competition with improper methods.

In its activities, TÜRCERT follows the new practices and directives issued by national and international institutions and closely monitors the legal regulations of the country. Its goal is to meet the expectations of the organizations it serves and its potential customers and to increase the level of service quality.

Having completed the necessary infrastructure works, TÜRCERT follows foreign accreditation institutions and continues to exchange views with them in order to expand its service network.