TÜRCERT CEO Hasan Kutlu, 2018 year, while explaining the objectives of the basic principles of the organization and the principles of independence and independence that have continued so far, then without compromise, to provide customers with high quality, fast and reliable service will continue to underline.

Again, customer satisfaction, professional ethics and quality criteria within the framework of all kinds of print and suggestion will continue to perform away from the objective and honest Hasan Kutlu, especially in the 2018 year, while explaining the expectations and objectives, testing, inspection, certification and conformity assessment studies, in our country and they will follow all new developments, new technologies and new methods in the world.

Hasan Kutlu, who undertakes to fully and fully comply with the European Union directives and the current legal regulations within the framework of their accreditation requirements, which provide added value to this sector and our country, develops joint projects with non-governmental organizations for the year of 2018 and have said to give more weight.

Research results show that 50 of 35 has occurred in the last XNUMX years. The worst is that this dangerous journey continues at full speed. If the necessary measures are not taken, it will be inevitable to have larger environmental disasters in the near future. On the one hand, the rapid increase in the population, on the one hand, the unconscious industrialization movements, on the one hand merciless nuclear tests, on the other hand, the use of agricultural pesticides, artificial fertilizers and increasing chemicals, which are used inexorably with the ambition of gain, disrupt the ecological balance of the world, the global warming is increasing and the earth is gradually disappearing. .

TÜRCERT acts with a sense of responsibility in the face of this bad departure and acts with a sense of responsibility in both the testing, inspection and certification studies and strives to be in all kinds of work as part of social sensitivity.


This irresponsible destruction of nature affects the lives of all living things. TÜRCERT CEO Hasan Kutlu announced that they will continue to support all efforts to limit carbon emissions in order to disseminate renewable energy sources and prevent global warming, as in previous years, as in previous years.