Today, at every point of life, standards are used purposefully or not. Quality of life is enhanced by these standards and products and services become more reliable and quality thanks to these standards. The internationalization of these standards or their local implementation makes it possible for the imported products from abroad to be taken and used by consumers without any problem. Today the standards are now recognized as the international language of trade. Without standards, products and services produced in different countries can be marketed in different countries and consumers can buy these products independently, even if they speak different languages. Today, standards are taken into consideration and considered as never before in the past.

Standards, from the simplest to the most complex, and from the local to the international arena, regardless of the sector, regardless of what kind of goods and services are marked by consumers. These standards constitute the backbone of supply chains globally.

Nowadays, there are many foreign institutions that produce internationally valid standards. These standards are designed depending on the country's culture, economy, development level, welfare level, education level and many factors and it is inevitable to cause some problems in the implementation of the country from country to country.

In the course of harmonization with the European Union, while our internal law has been rearranged in accordance with the published directives, efforts are also being made to harmonize the standards referred to by these legal regulations. In general, these studies are carried out by Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). However, in practice, there are some complexities in the interpretation and application of standards and they need to be solved.

When the standardization case law is called, it is stated that there are comments that are accepted by everyone and which clarify the implementation of these standards. TÜRCERT has been contributing to the formation of these ijtihads from time to time with its vast experience and strong staff.


International standards are a field of compromise on the best practices accepted and shared worldwide, and our organization TÜRCERT has been a pioneer in the standardization case law in our country. The practices and comments of our organization are taken as examples.