TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. the management systems in which it operates, in all its activities, in certification studies, in inspection and test studies or in training activities, against all institutions and organizations it serves independence and neutrality commitment It serves.

As long as its resources and infrastructure allow, TÜRCERT operates impartially and independently within the borders of the country, in all its systems, certification, inspection, testing and training activities. It does not make any difference between the institutions and organizations it serves, either as a geographical region or the social environment or political approaches they belong to, or in terms of the sector or industry branch in which they operate.

TÜRCERT, within the scope and standards of accreditation and following the existing procedures to all institutions and organizations serving equal service It offers.

As the conformity assessment structure and management method, TÜRCERT does not engage in any activities that would undermine the principles of impartiality and independence while conducting audit and certification activities. As a company, it constantly reviews the possible situations that will affect its neutrality and independence and makes the necessary analyzes.

TÜRCERT also undertakes to continually improve the management system, which is established according to accreditation standards in practice, and to implement this system impartially, independently and equally.

TÜRCERT recognized the importance of being impartial and independent when conducting conformity assessment activities. It strives to minimize or reduce the potential conflicts of interest.

TÜRCERT, directly or indirectly fitness assessment service does not provide consulting services in any way. It has registered this situation in the Trade Registry Gazette.

TÜRCERT provides direct, general participation training services in addition to system installation and certification studies. However, it does not provide in-service training services with the concern of being perceived as consulting services.

TÜRCERT, with a different approach to pricing and auditing services certification services fees are different from each other. Institutions requesting a certificate may also receive inspection services. However, the right to receive documents depends on how appropriate the organization is to the relevant standard standards. Documents are awarded to the institutions that are entitled to receive the documents. However, if it is determined that the conditions have not been fully fulfilled at the end of the audits, the organization will only pay the inspection price. Briefly, audit and certification processes are related to each other but they are independent processes.

TÜRCERT requests half of the fee for its services when the work begins. In this way, the fee to be paid for services is prevented from putting pressure on TÜRCERT to affect impartiality and independence.

Registration and certification decisions are taken by committees composed of independent experts who are not in the staff of TÜRCERT. Even if the decision of the Commission is positive, it is a small payment for its members.

TÜRCERT, except for the information and documents to be given to the authorized persons and authorities in accordance with the legal correction, confidentiality it remains and stores all information and documents relating to its customers. TÜRCERT employees, auditors and other suppliers have committed themselves to this principle of confidentiality.

TÜRCERT does not certify if it detects that its neutrality and independence has been compromised.