Environmental awareness is increasing all over the world. In parallel with this, the importance given to the protection of forests is increasing. Many organizations therefore demand that raw materials and semi-finished products used in production be supplied from well-managed forests.

The first studies on well-managed forest were initiated by forestry producers, distributors and users in 1990, California. Non-governmental organizations serving the environment and human rights were also present at this meeting. In this first meeting, the Forest Management Council was established (FSC, The Forest Stewardship Council). In this way, an initiative was initiated for responsible and sustainable forest management.

Forest Management Council (FSC)is an international non-profit organization and is based on membership. The basic principles of this organization are that people come together to prevent bad forest policies and make forest management systems more widespread. The Forest Management Council (FSC) is an independent organization established to improve the management of the world's forests.As of 2008, more than 79 million hectares in 100 countries. The forest area has been certified due to its compliance with FSC standards.

The Center for Forest Management Council (FSC) is located in Bonn, Germany. Within a short period of time, it opened regional representations in Europe, Asia and South America and became an international organization.

The purpose of the Forest Management Council (FSC) is to promote the most accurate management of all forests on the earth. The organization has identified the principles of sustainable forest management and helps to carry out forestry in accordance with these principles. The aim is to protect forest areas and to maintain their permanent existence.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) aims to spread these practices internationally. 2008 79 100 XNUMX XNUMX million hectares in the country according to a large forest area FSC standards have been certified. Forest products FSC labelis a factor that makes it easier for the consumer to choose any forest product.

Besides, there are other reasons why FSC labeled products are preferred. For example, the use of pesticides that are increasing in danger around the world is prevented. Genetically grown trees are prevented from growing. The rights of the indigenous people in the world are respected. The exchange of natural forests and other plant species on the ground is prevented. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), at least once a year, oversees the activities of the certified bodies and checks whether the necessary conditions are complied with. This contributes to the sustainability of the system.

FSC, Chain of Custody Certification (CoC), Protection Chain Certificate it means. This document refers to all stages of the production, transformation and distribution processes starting from the forest area to the consumer. From a consumer perspective, the FSC provides information about the source of the product, and the FSC-CoC guarantees that the correct product is supplied in the right way.

The FSC-CoC label to be used on wood or any other wood-based product indicates that the forest from which the product is obtained is managed in a sustainable manner and that it is approved by an independent organization.

Looking at the latest situation in the world, FSC-CoC Forest Management System The total area certified under the scope of 107 million hectares. 58 of this area is composed of natural forests, 34 is semi-natural and nursery plants, while 8 is nursery.

Thanks to the FSC Forest Management Council's efforts, timber management and non-timber forest products are achieved without harming the efficiency, biodiversity and ecological processes of forests thanks to forest management appropriate to environmental conditions.

At the same time, socially, the rights of local people and society are protected. In the long term, long-term management plans will contribute to the sustainable use of forest and forest products and support these resources.

The FSC Forest Stewardship Council seeks to make all kinds of interventions for forests, in the economic sense, to be carried out in a way that will not disturb the balance of the ecological system and society.

FSC-CoC Forest Management System standards have been determined to achieve these objectives and have gained international quality.

In order to show that the CoC (Protection and Surveillance Chain) management system is implemented in a company that manufactures, processes, distributes or converts forest products, the FSC certificate is completed by the independent certification bodies according to the FSC standard and the certification process is completed.

FSC-CoC Forest Management System Certificate (Chain of Checks) works are carried out by FSC. The FSC does not issue documents directly. The FSC only identifies standards and tries to protect these standards and the work they have done in this way. Organizations that have the authority to issue documents send a list of the documents they have issued to the FSC Forest Management Council on a monthly basis.