Azo dyestuffs are synthetic types of dyes with azo groups in their chemical structure. Azo dyes are commonly used for dyeing leather products and textiles. Azo dyestuffs are the substances that allow the dye to fit into the product. Some varieties can produce carcinogenic substances when certain conditions are combined. This poses a danger to human health.

In accordance with the provisions of the REACH Regulation adopted in the 2006 year, the European Union countries prohibited the use of 24 carcinogenic substances in leather and textile products. In addition, some other dyes used in the textile sector are classified as dyes that have a harmful effect on humans. Of these, over 20 dyeings were classified in terms of allergy effects, and nine dyes were classified in terms of their cancer-making properties. These paints are absorbed by the skin in case of contact with the skin for a long time.

The ecological balance of the Earth becomes more and more important every day. Products produced in ecological balance are products that are compatible with nature and do not harm human health. The most important feature of ecological products is that they can disappear in nature. Ecological products are products that are destructible in nature and are free from dangerous chemicals, carcinogenic substances, azo dyes, heavy metals and physical and biological elements that harm human and animal health.

In developed countries, people prefer ecological and organic products. In this case, the producers are now obliged to produce according to the demands of the society.

Ecological textiles and textiles are known to be unsuitable in this respect, if they are tested in accordance with certain standards. Today, in every part of the world, similar tests are applied to each ring of textile chain.

Azotex Safe Textile Systemis a special standard which is formed by the tests determined by the standards specific to the textile sector. These standards are aimed at controlling the pests involved in the textile chain by different test methods and ensuring that these pests are not at all.

Azotex Secure Textile SystemWith the tests carried out in order to ensure that textile products contain harmful substances, textile companies are supported in production processes and with this support, they create a security environment for human health.

Azotex standardsidentifies undesirable harmful content and materials in textile production. It also establishes test criteria and methods using internationally recognized standards for the identification of these substances.

Although the legal regulations issued by the Ministry of Health have various provisions regarding the absence of harmful substances in textiles, Azotex Secure Textile System standardsprovides control and confidence above the scope of these legal regulations. Because Azotex standards, ecological balance in terms of the production and marketing of healthy products, as well as the standards required by the standards to determine the compliance with the criteria required to make the necessary checks.

Textile companies, garment companies, fabric manufacturers, textile manufacturers and exporters of textile products, footwear manufacturers and companies operating in similar fields, Azotex Secure Textile System Certificate They can get. Azotex tests are performed in the company before the certification works. As a result of these tests to determine whether the products meet the requirements of Azotex standards, the products are grouped into three different categories according to their status and structure. Certification work is done according to these different categories. These categories are as follows:

  • In the tests carried out, the products within the limits accepted by the legal regulations: In this category, the reporting results are positive and the company is granted the Azotex Secure Textile System Certificate.
  • Products with negative results: In this case, the chemicals in the content of the products are not identified. In this category, the reporting results are positive and the company is awarded with Azotex Secure Textile System Certificate.
  • Products resulting from the results of the tests positive: In this case, the content of the products agreed on by the legal regulations above the limits have been determined chemicals. In this category, the reporting results are negative and the company does not issue Azotex Secure Textile System Certificate.

The legal regulations contain the requirements to control and control the chemical contents of textile products that will affect or impair human health. According to this, it is in the legal regulations that the amount of chemicals to be accepted and the conditions to be prohibited.

In short, Azotex standards are a special standard in textile production, in various stages of production, for raw materials, intermediates and final products, to ensure healthy and safe production and to carry out testing and certification activities.