Industry and technology are evolving, but due to the lack of adequate measures, the situation is threatening the health and safety of workers. According to the data of the International Labor Organization, 120 million work accidents occur every year, and every year around 210 thousand people die. Unfortunately, our country ranks first in Europe in terms of occupational accidents and ranks third in the world.

One of these work accidents, which creates loss of life and property, is the highly used and highly dangerous pressure vessels in the industry. In case of not being used correctly, it creates a bomb effect and creates great danger for the employees and the environment.

Containers with internal pressure greater than 0,5 bar are called pressure vessels. Most commonly used in industry pressure vessel Types include: boilers, compressors, booster tubes, gas cylinders, industrial gas tanks, pipelines, LPG tanks, air tanks.

The devices used to bring the temperature, pressure and similar values ​​of a liquid which is filled into the desired limits for the process is called a boiler. The most commonly used types of boilers are: hot water boilers, central heating boilers, hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot oil boilers, high and medium pressure boilers, low pressure steam boilers, steam generators.

The regular use of boilers and pressure receptacles used, or not properly carried out, the use of people who are not used in accordance with the instructions for use, their daily maintenance, the non-compliance of the manufacturer to the legal regulations, and many other causes create danger during use.

Boilers and pressure vessels undergo corrosion as they are used. Connections and welds may have openings or cracks. These may not be noticeable, but if they continue to be used in this way, there is a risk of explosion.

The Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, which was issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on the basis of the Occupational Health and Safety Law, determined the minimum requirements for health and safety during the use of work equipment in workplaces. According to the types of machines used in the workplaces, it is explained in this regulation which period and the criteria and standards of these periodical controls will be controlled.

Inspection and test facilities controls of boilers and pressure vessels by The criteria for the Presentation of CE-PR.029 Inspection Services, which are prepared in accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations for the Use of Work Equipment, are based on the criteria. If there are any faults in the inspections, it is determined that the pressure vessels are working safely and whether they are suitable for use. This creates a safer working environment at workplaces.

If no other period is stipulated in the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment and the relevant standards, boilers and pressure receptacles must be checked at least once a year. According to legal regulations, employers will be responsible for the consequences of an unexpected accident.

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