On the basis of hydraulic systems, incompressible liquids such as oil or water are used to transfer the force from one point to another. Hydraulic systems It is used in braking system in vehicles such as aircraft and automobile, truck, and used for lifting and lowering in construction machines or hydraulic lifts.

In heavy conditions, machines can be easily carried out in any situation where manpower is not enough and human speed is insufficient. An important part of these machines are hydraulic systems which provide movement and power outside of engine systems. There is a lot of work on these machines in order to eliminate the situations that create danger for human life.

In hydraulic systems, generally two cylinders are easily moved in and out, without moving the liquid inside. Tons of weight can be lifted and lowered by a large pump. At the same time, the remote control of the hydraulic system is also a place of use lifts.

Must be present in vehicle producing factories, vehicle repair shops and vehicle services. vehicle liftsAs a result, they are always a risk because they operate with a hydraulic system and a pressure is applied to the compressed liquid. For this reason, periodic maintenance is required for the safety of the employees and the enterprise.

Legally, the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, which have been prepared on the basis of this law, have made legal arrangements in this regard and determined the minimum conditions to be complied with in terms of health and safety related to the use of work tools and equipment in workplaces.

Human health and employee safety In order to eliminate the possible risks for the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, it is mandatory to comply with these legal regulations. In the tables (Annex 3 Maintenance, Repair and Periodic Inspections) of the Regulation on Health and Safety in the Use of Work Equipment, vehicle lifts, Lifting and forwarding tools group. For this reason, the lifting of the vehicle, at least once a year periodic check-up and examinations should be done.

These checks and inspections must be carried out by authorized persons. Controls should be carried out by authorized persons, such as mechanical engineers, machine technicians or high technicians. The controls to be performed by unauthorized persons or organizations and the reports to be issued by such persons or organizations are not considered valid.

In the tables attached to the regulation, the standards that should be considered during these controls are shown as follows:

  • TS 10116
  • TS EN 280
  • TS EN 818-6 + A1
  • TS EN 1495 + A2
  • TS EN 1709
  • TS EN 12079-3
  • TS EN 12927-7
  • TS EN 13157 + A1
  • TS EN ISO 13534
  • TS ISO 789-2
  • TS ISO 3056
  • TS ISO 4309
  • TS ISO 7592
  • TS ISO 9927-1
  • TS ISO 11662-1
  • TS ISO 12480-1
  • TS ISO 12482-1

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