Electromagnetic interference is any natural or man-made condition that causes electrical or electronic equipment to malfunction, cause unwanted reactions or malfunction.

If an electric or electronic vehicle does not suffer from a deterioration described above, or does not interfere with the operation of another electric or electronic vehicle while operating, or is not affected by another operating electric or electronic vehicle, electromagnetic compatible means.

Electromagnetic interference is the result of the electromagnetic environment in which the affected vehicle is located. All kinds of electromagnetic events occurring in a certain region create electromagnetic environment.

Electromagnetic standards (EMC standards) the quality of electrical or electronic products. There are two basic elements in these standards: test limit values ​​and test methods.

In practice, separate EMC standards apply for military and commercial vehicles.

Electromagnetic compatibility There are two aspects of the tests:

  • The first is the spread. Electromagnetic emissions from an electrical or electromagnetic vehicle are detected.
  • The second is immunity. Immunity of an electric or electromagnetic device to the electromagnetic propagation of another electric or electromagnetic device is detected.

Test and inspection organizations or laboratories, for electromagnetic compatibility tests, escreen room, semi-reflection room, full reflection room or open field test areas.

Electromagnetic waves are a type of vibration and can travel in space. The electromagnetic name consists of a combination of electric field and magnetic field. Electromagnetic force is the force acting on an electrically charged particle as it passes through the magnetic field. A magnetic field occurs when electrically charged particles move. The electric force and the magnetic force are correlated and were first detected in 1870s.

Electromagnetic waves are different according to their wavelengths. Radio waves carry radio and television signals as well as television signals. Microwaves are used for heating in microwave ovens and for data transfer in telephone and computer. Infrared rays are used in remote controls. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin. X-rays are used for medical imaging purposes. Gamma rays have an extremely small wavelength and are used to treat cancer.

However, if all these electromagnetic waves are not used with the correct methods, they can cause cancer in humans.

As can be seen, EMC, electromagnetic compatibility with full expansion, is applicable for all electrical and electronic vehicles and manufacturers can make EMC tests in a test and inspection facility if they are not possible.

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