IRCA approved auditor training is provided in accordance with the IRCA / 2245 Quality Management Systems Auditor Training Course Certification Criteria. These criteria are designed to improve the knowledge and skills of auditors at all levels to be involved in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and other systems that can be integrated with this system. All references in this document are based on ISO standards.

IRCA / 2245 criteria In addition, IRCA / 2145 and IRCA / 145 criteria prepared by IRCA are also designed for auditing trainings of Quality Management Systems. The auditors who complete this training provide the necessary conditions as a Quality Management Systems auditor.

Attending IRCA-approved trainings and obtaining an auditor or lead auditor certificate is an important development for auditors in this field. Through this training, they have proven their competence in establishing and consulting related management systems. Company owners who want to establish a management system they need in their own workplaces and who want to get the certificate of this system can attend IRCA approved trainings. In addition, those who want to be the lead auditor in various management systems can attend these trainings. Also for executives who are responsible for continuous improvement and added value in their organizations. IRCA approved trainings suitable.

IRCA approved lead auditor There are important advantages for auditors to have the certificate. Namely,

  • The IRCA sets very high standards.
  • IRCA's training program is very powerful and IRCA employees are experts in their subjects.
  • When programming IRCA trainings, they are meticulously designed and reviewed and analyzed repeatedly. This gives confidence to the participants.
  • IRCA training programs provide participants with new knowledge and skills.
  • IRCA-specific learning methods are methods that participants can easily use in their own organization.
  • All IRCA-certified educational institutions are staffed by expert trainers.
  • IRCA trainers use training methods that include all participants.
  • Every year, over one thousand 60 inspectors participate in world-renowned IRCA-approved training programs.
  • IRCA's prestigious and brand name is an important support for participants to develop their careers and prove their competence as auditors.
  • Finally, the most important part of participating in IRCA approved trainings is to become an IRCA certified auditor.

Auditor trainingsis an IRCA approved and registered training in terms of content and certification requirements, and is accepted by major accreditation and certification bodies in the world. The main purpose of this training is to explain the principles and practices of Quality Management Systems to the auditor or chief auditor and to teach how to evaluate in accordance with national and international standards.

Generally IRCA approved lead auditor trainings, five days for ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, It takes three days for the ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System and three days for the ISO 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

IRCA approved training organizations are regularly audited by the IRCA. In this way, continuity in education quality is ensured. Whether the training provided by various organizations is IRCA approved can be viewed at.

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