Accreditation proves that an organization's activities, documents issued, test measurements, tests, analyzes and evaluations carried out by other persons or organizations at home and abroad meet or meet the conditions and standards required to ensure that this organization is accepted as a reference for professional practices acceptance process. In short, the accreditation process is only possible for the documents and reports issued by an organization to be accepted all over the world. Accreditation of an organization is proof that the organization complies with minimum quality standards.

One of the world's most respected accreditation bodies is the Österreich Spezial Akkreditierungs Service (ÖSAS). This Vienna-based accreditation body accredits conformity assessment bodies mainly in the following areas:

  • EN ISO / IEC 17025: Calibration and test centers according to 2005 standard
  • EN ISO 15189: Test laboratories and medical laboratories according to 2013 standard
  • EN ISO / IEC 17020: Audit and compliance bodies in accordance with the 2012 standard
  • EN ISO / IEC 17021-1: Management systems certification bodies according to 2015 standard
  • EN ISO / IEC 17065: Certification bodies for products, processes and services according to 2012 standard
  • EN ISO 14065: Verification bodies according to 2013 standard

TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. is accredited from the said organization in these areas. Finally, ECO Label has also requested accreditation for certification studies. Upon this, ÖSAS started the necessary audits and evaluations and these studies were completed recently.

From now on, TÜRCERT has the authority to audit enterprises in various sectors that care about environmental conditions in production activities and meet high environmental standards during their use and issue ECO Label certificate if deemed appropriate. Businesses with an ECO Label will be able to place an ECO Label on their products and consumers will be confident that they meet environmental criteria at every stage of the business, from raw material purchase to production, storage and distribution.