Translation offices establish EN 15038 Translation Services Management System in order to be reliable against their customers and to establish long-term relationships with their customers. Translation Services Management System Certificate they receive.

After these organizations have been audited and certified by the certification bodies, this document, on the one hand, certifies the conformity of the quality management procedures applied by their companies to the translation services - service requirements standards envisaged by the European Union, and on the other hand, the quality service approach they offer to their customers. in the future in the same way.

EN 15038 Standard for Translation Services Management Systemprovides clarity to the quality process in written translation services, as well as a number of requirements such as human resource management and customer relations that translation companies must comply with. With this feature, it has been accepted all over the world in recent years.

Translation Services Management System Certificate translation offices, translation services and translation personnel document the fulfillment of relevant requirements and reassure customers that service quality is constantly monitored. At the same time, having this certificate brings a competitive advantage. Quality service is something that should already be there but with the certification, high quality standards will also be caught.

These advantages provided by Translation Services Management System Certificate will create trust in customers and this will bring success.

Consequently, applying EN 15038 standards is not only about recording processes. This system also sets out standards related to tracking, recording, archiving, evaluating and questioning the services produced by systems such as customer relations, translation services project management, human resources and technical resources management.

In order to ensure that the translations meet the expectations, it is possible to assign the most suitable translator, to be checked by an expert corrector as much as the translator, and to control the processes as required by the standard.

EN 15038 Translation Services Management System Certification is one of the certification institutions TURCERT company. You can contact the managers and employees of the TURCERT certification body for more information on what this document is, how to obtain it and what it does, and even to have it.